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Is Running Addiction Real?

Running twice a week became ten times a week, and when life would get in the way I was irritable and felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. It went from what was once a healthy pursuit to an unimaginable overindulgence. My body began breaking down and I was just mentally and physically exhausted all the […]

Travel Warning: Supplement Awareness

As the supplement business continues to boom across America, in some areas of the country, certain types of supplements may not technically be legal yet. This may come as a surprise, but most Federal and State laws, do not align in most parts of the country. So, it is a good idea to know the […]

Relaxation Pose Does Wonders

Are you burned out from trying to be well? Is your fitness routine taking its toll on you? It is hard work these days, with all of the yoga and meditation, weight training, and cardio – not to mention the mountain called life that is always in front of you. Of course, regular wellness and […]