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How To Maximize A Quick Workout

Whether you’re trying to squeeze in a quick sweat or can’t stand the thought of spending hours on the elliptical, here are just a few ways to optimize your workout routine when you’re short on time. NEED AN EXERCISE BOOST? Don’t Obsess Life is busy, your schedule is hectic so why not be nice to […]

Eating To Refuel & Recover Faster

It may sound counterintuitive, but eating is one of the most important parts of having a worthwhile workout. Forget to eat something before you exercise and you could easily end up light-headed, dizzy, and drained. It’s likely your pre-workout nourishment is on point, but what about that post-sweat snack. What you eat on the other […]

Sweaty Workout Wear Rewind

Ok… we all read the article about millennials opting out of wearing deodorant and we can assume one thing; millennials are minimalists when it comes to a lot of things. But what about doing laundry? Most people own just a few sports bras, a couple of pairs of workout appropriate shorts, a few pairs of […]

Should My Teen Exercise?

For most parents, this question poses even more. What type of exercise? How long should they engage in physical activity? Should my teen weight train? Is this bad for their growth? A teen fitness program should include aerobic exercise, or any continuous activity that increases heart rate and breathing. Think about participation in activities like […]

A Strong Life Purpose Equals Healthier Choices

Why is it so easy for some people to meet fitness goals? Why do some people love eating healthy foods while others seem to struggle? The answer to those lingering questions may soon be solved. According to a new study from the Communication Neuroscience Lab at the Annenberg School for Communication on the campus of […]

4 Strategies for Reducing Body Fat Percentage

When it comes to top fitness goals, fat loss often takes the cake. But we can’t talk about how to lower body fat percentage without touching on how to drop pounds in general. That’s because you can’t necessarily target fat loss in one specific area – say, just your arms or belly. You actually have […]